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Our mission is to change the lives of those who use our products by delivering real results.

It is proven that by healing the internal and external parts of our bodies we start to feel good which in turn makes us look good. We invite you to join us in this wonderful journey of creating beautiful hair.

We take our time to research and develop healthy hair care products without the use of toxins, dangerous synthetics, or harmful chemicals. All of our ingredients are carefully sourced from trusted certified suppliers, who are opposed to animal testing and share our ethics concerning the environment.

Only available through select direct distribution to qualified salons. TrueKeratin is the ultimate eco-luxury treatment hair care brand that will transform hair immediately with visible results.

All Truekeratin hair products are sulfate free, paraben free, and cruelty free.


ProSmooth Technique Program

Learn more about the product you love and trust. TrueKeratin offers seminars and product training through our ProSmooth Technique program. View our upcoming events calendar for future classes and training. Contact us if you would like join our next training session or event.

Worldwide Workshops

The TrueKeratin Education Team delivers intimate and hands on workshops with live models all around the world. Classes not only include product knowledge and techniques, but also business education. We customize your program based on your specific needs.


Premiere Orlando

Truekeratin is proud to be part every year of Premiere Orlando.

Stay tuned for the next events near your area.

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